Romano Miko

Frisbee Golf - Ultimate Frisbee

Curriculum vitae
1990- 96 University of Toronto, Canada
1996-2013 P.E. and Geography Teacher, Head soccer coach at the St. Michael College School Toronto

International Teaching and Coaching Experience
1997 Graz – Intenational P.E. Conference
1998-2000-2002 Budapest, Hungary – International P.E. Conference
2003 Vinni, Estonia – International P.E. Conference
2004 Vierumäki, Finland – International P.E. Conference
2008 Budapest, Hungary – BasketballCamp at the Semmelweis University

Frisbee Golf

It is played with rules similar to golf where players follow a course of 9 or 18 holes or targets, and throw different types of disks (for long or short throws) from a tee towards a target. The game was invented and first played in Canada and has evolved over the years. It is growing in popularity in North America and the rest of the world. Many courses are set up in large parks that allow participants to either walk or run through the course. Schools can either set up a mini course on campus or in a park close to the school.

Ultimate Frisbee

Is a game played by over 5 million people in North America, and thousands of people in the rest of the world. Much of the games popularity is based on the fact that it can be played almost anywhere by both sexes and by any age group, with minimal equipment and no officials. All that is required is an open field, a few pylons for markers and a disk. One of its greatest attractions is that it can be a coed game played by individuals with varying degree of abilities. It also is attractive because the game is self-regulated, where sportsmanship and fair play are used to officiate the game. It is a great activity for children of all ages and abilities.

Lesson 1
Show and demonstrate basic throws and catching the disk
Discuss and show basic rules and play the game

Lesson 2
Show and demonstrate more advanced throws
Discuss game strategies and play the game