Simon Stuffer

Psychokinetic in Teamsport

„Where is the ball? Where are my teammates? Where are the opponents? What’s the best pass?”
These are only few of the questions players have to answer all the times during a game and their answers must be immediate; therefore, we can say that team sports is characterized by a large number of combinations of movements with, and above all, without the ball, no matter if the team is attacking or defending. A modern training methodology must therefore take into consideration not only the effects (pass, shot, heading, etc.) which are the physical answers, but also the mental causes (mental formulation of the physical answer, creation of the physical process, and the verification of the previous experiences.)

Psychokinetic studies everything that advocates thoughts and movements. Psychokinetic exercises help athletes approach different movements thanks to artificial stimuli (sounds, sight or tactile) that are given to them. It is very important for soccer players and in general in all situational team sports. The stimulus provided by Psychokinetic exercises affect the attention of young players, improving their concentration, their fast processing and their overall technique.

Psychokinetic helps the athlete develop mental quickness as well as reactivity in game situations, through immediate feedback (Arias et al. 2016).

As strength and conditioning coaches, it is our job to make sure our athletes move and think quickly to get the best out of them in every possible situation.

In these two lessons, I will present several exercises (with and without ball), challenges and a few games, which will help the players to improve the psychokinetic abilities and skills. I will offer exercises, which can be included in normal P.E. lessons at all ages and, especially in the second lesson, put the attention on exercises and challenges which can be used in team sports.

Azzolini DIego

Diego Azzolini


Balzama Christian

Christian Balzamá


Batutis Olegas

Olegas Batutis

Balance and Coordination Exercises in PE

Batutyte Laura

Laura Batutyte

Cooperating learning of Functional fitness in PE

Chiusole Vera

Vera Chiusole



Päivi Christensen


Clara Lorenz

Lorenz Clara

Slackline – Sport climbing


Bernd Curt

Coordination and balance - Rope Skipping – Juggeling

Demar Klaus

Klaus Demar


Franzelli Mattia

Mattia Franzelli + Eros Grazioli

Power Stones

Fanelli David

David Fanelli


Fanni Roberto

Roberto Fanni

Dance composition

Fink Evelyn

Evelyn Fink

Hula Hoop

Martin Gasser

Martin Gasser



Daniela Giuriato

Acquatic activities


Markus Gröber



RaLuca Gruin

Lifeguarding & Aqua Wellness


Christian Villella + Heinrique Barreto Paolo

Spiral Stabilisation

Hillebrand Manuel

Manuel Hillebrand


Ming Hsien Tsai

Tsai Ming Hsien

Woodball - Table Tennis

Judmayer Gerhard

Gerhard Judmayer



Christine Kirchlechner


Krasauskas Arunas

Arunas Krasauskas

Floorball experience

Lechthaler Tobias

Tobias Lechthaler


Leiter Verena

Verena Leiter


LOPEZ Marta – MISSA Monica

Marta Lopez + Monica Missa

Aerial Yoga

Mühlen Ralf

Ralf Müllen

Endurance Training

Mulser Sonja

Sonja Mulser

Ice Stock Fascination

Neuhaus Richi

Richi Neuhaus

Streetdance & Breakdance


Marcellino Ngalioma


Novak Verena

Verena Novak

Simple Sports Massage and Recreational Techniques


Sari Penttilä

Yoga + Meditation

Michael Randl

Michael Randl (VSS)

Move smart!

Romano Miko

Miko Romano

Rugby – Soccer, Baseball – Soccer

Caspar Schaudt

Caspar Schaudt

Gymnastics / Tria Play

Schreiner Matthias

Matthias Schreiner

Movement construction sites


Dieter Sielmann


Robin Straub

Robin Straub

Street Racket

Sutter Muriel

Muriel Sutter

Burner Games

Traut Michael

Michael Traut

Inclusion and Athletics with a disabled group

Trivellato Andrea

Andrea Trivellato


Tuhuteru Nick

Nick Tuhuteru

Fencing/Ultimate Frisbee/Gaelic Football

Vizbariene Audrone

Audrone Vizbariene

„Super Kids“ Preschool games

Engelbert Zelger

Engelbert Zelger

Shooting / Target Sprint


Jeff Zownir