Christensen Päivi


Education: PE-teacher, Master of Physical Education

Working experience:
  • 15 years as a PE-teacher at secondary and high schools
  • 3 years at Adult Institution in Helsinki
  • 2 years in Finnish Association of Substance Abuse Prevention

I’ve been practicing a variety of dance styles from tanhu, which is a Finnish folk dance, to ballroom Waltz. During my teens, I became interested in breakdancing and, during the course of my university studies, I was inspired by competitive aerobics, where I have a national-level championship and 10 years of experience as an international judge. Later, after being busy with raising four children, I started couple dances. After being exposed to Cuban dances, I have especially enjoyed teaching Salsa and Bachata. Amongst other themes, I taught these dances to adult groups in the Adult Institution.
With my husband I have been training and competing in ballroom Ten Dances and, in particular, the Latin dances Cha-cha, Jive, Samba, Rumba and Paso Doble have become familiar to me.

Lessons that will be taught at Sportforum:

During Salsa lessons we will become familiar with the Cuban Salsa style. An essential part of the lessons is the cheerful and immersive music. Salsa is danced as a solo dance and in pairs. In my course we will dance solo Salsa. You do not have to have previous experience of dancing salsa. One can through oneself into the rhythm of Salsa equally as a beginner and as a more seasoned dancer.

Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic and is now played in Latin discotheques around the world. It is influenced by, among others, Rumba and it is a very romantic, sensual and passionate dance where emotion and sensuality are important elements.

During Cha-cha classes we will apply a competitive Cha-cha style. The name of the dance is based on the basic rhythm of the dance and the syncopated steps. The beat of the music is sharp and precise and, during classes, one can challenge oneself especially in learning the rhythm of Cha-cha music.