Pole vault, Ninja Warrior Parkour and athletics for kids by Tobias Lechthaler

Rugby-Soccer by Miko Romano

Powerstones by Mattia Franzelli

LINK to Videos for exercises


Beweg dich schlau! by Michael Randl (VSS)

Traditional Dances by Klaus Demar

Fencing, Ultimate Frisbee and Gaelic by Nick Tuhuteru

Yoga by Sari Penttilä



Deep Relaxation Practice:

NML by Gerhard Judmayer

Dear participants,
Thank you again for your interest in the NML units and the active and motivated cooperation.
If you are interested in training and further education, I have attached my contact details.

Wetransfer available until 07.08. later the videos will be published on Youtube.

Gymnastics / Tria Play by Caspar Schaudt

Badminton by Verena Leiter

Spikeball by Vera Chiusole

Street Racket - Robin Straub

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Psychokinetic in Teamsport by Simon Stuffer