Sari Penttilä

Yoga + Meditation

Morning Meditation
Every morning 8:00-8:25 we use a different simple meditation method to clear the mind, finding the Silence Within. Calming the mind we´ll open our heart and body for a new day firmly but with gentle and accepting attitude. We´ll be waking up together, breathing and stretching surrounded by the most beautiful Nature. You are warmly welcome once, twice or every morning to have more “ Easeful Body, Peaceful Mind – Useful Life” – Sri Swami Satchidananda

Yoga For You .
This yoga class will prepare you for this coming week of action. With gentle hatha yoga practice we´ll give the body easy opening stretches. With Pranayama, breathing practices and combining the breath and movement mindfully we´ll calm the mind to be more focused of the each precious moment. These practices done by the attitude of loving kindness and acceptance will open our body, mind and heart!

Yoga For Teens
In this class we´ll practice yoga like teens like to do it, all together, in a circle, getting supported and encouraged by each other. After centering and breathing practices, class combines dynamic asana practice, few of them also done with a partner. In the end of the class we´ll slow down into Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation.

Yoga in Nature – Alpine Yoga
Practicing yoga outdoors we more easily feel and remember our connection to the whole. Nature in her wisdom has been patiently waiting for us to come and enjoy it´s harmonious beauty and energy. We are made of the same 5 elements of Nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. As practicing Pranayama, Asanas and Meditation, we are enveloped in the arms of Mother Nature surrounded by the unique and magnificent Alps. Experience the Oneness with Nature!

Yoga with a Friend – Partner Yoga
Yoga with a partner/friend has become even more fun and inviting after the isolation that we all have experienced last few years. In Partner Yoga you´ll easily deepen your experience in Yoga –the Union of Body, Mind and Soul. Touch is an integral part of partner yoga. Leverage and kinesthetic awareness all heighten the body’s ability to perform and make it possible to go more deeply into poses with less effort caused by the help of your partner. We touch and are touched by others. We feel and are felt by the other. We use the touch that we receive to increase our awareness of ourself and each other opening ourselves to greater depths in interaction with another person as well as in our own body, mind and heart!

Yoga All Together
We´ll practice the full Yoga class that consists of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation -enjoying the company, interaction and support of others in the circle! Welcome to the last Yoga class – all together!

Azzolini DIego

Diego Azzolini


Balzama Christian

Christian Balzamá

Danza Moderna/Floorwork

Batutis Olegas

Olegas Batutis

Equilibrio e Coordinazione nell´EF

Batutyte Laura

Laura Batutyte

Insegnamento Cooperativo per Fitness funzionale in EF

Chiusole Vera

Vera Chiusole



Päivi Christensen


Clara Lorenz

Lorenz Clara

Slackline – Arrampicata Sportiva


Bernd Curt

Coordinazione ed equilibrio - Rope Skipping – Giocoleria

Demar Klaus

Klaus Demar

Danze folcloristiche

Franzelli Mattia

Mattia Franzelli + Eros Grazioli

Power Stones

Fanelli David

David Fanelli


Fanni Roberto

Roberto Fanni

Composizioni di danza

Fink Evelyn

Evelyn Fink

Hula Hoop

Martin Gasser

Martin Gasser



Daniela Giuriato

Attività acquatiche


Markus Gröber



RaLuca Gruin

Nuoto salvataggio & Acqua Wellness


Christian Villella + Heinrique Barreto Paolo

Spiral Stabilisation

Hillebrand Manuel

Manuel Hillebrand


Ming Hsien Tsai

Tsai Ming Hsien

Woodball - Tennis Tavolo

Judmayer Gerhard

Gerhard Judmayer



Christine Kirchlechner

Corsa d’orientamento

Krasauskas Arunas

Arunas Krasauskas

Floorball experience

Lechthaler Tobias

Tobias Lechthaler

Atletica Leggera

Leiter Verena

Verena Leiter


LOPEZ Marta – MISSA Monica

Marta Lopez + Monica Missa

Aerial Yoga

Mühlen Ralf

Ralf Müllen

Allenamento di Resistenza

Mulser Sonja

Sonja Mulser

Fascino Ice Stock

Neuhaus Richi

Richi Neuhaus

Streetdance & Breakdance


Marcellino Ngalioma


Novak Verena

Verena Novak

Massaggio Sportivo e tecniche ricreative

Michael Randl

Michael Randl (VSS)

Muoversi con intelligenza!

Romano Miko

Miko Romano

Rugby – Calcio, Baseball – Calcio

Caspar Schaudt

Caspar Schaudt

Ginnastica artistica / Tria Play

Schreiner Matthias

Matthias Schreiner

Movimenti in costruzione


Dieter Sielmann


Robin Straub

Robin Straub

Street Racket


Simon Stuffer

Psychokinetic in Teamsport

Sutter Muriel

Muriel Sutter

Burner Games

Traut Michael

Michael Traut

Inclusione ed atletica leggera con un gruppo di disabili

Trivellato Andrea

Andrea Trivellato


Tuhuteru Nick

Nick Tuhuteru

Scherma/Ultimate Frisbee/Gaelic Football

Vizbariene Audrone

Audrone Vizbariene

„Super Kids“ Giochi in eta´ prescolare

Engelbert Zelger

Engelbert Zelger

Tiro a segno / Target Sprint


Jeff Zownir