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Greeting words from Provincial Counsellor Philipp Achammer

Every year in July it is the event par excellence for sports teachers and coaches from near and far: the "Sportforum Mals". Actually not an event in the classical sense, but an international course that exceeds the idea of a typical advanced training course. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that it is a sports course which, in addition, focuses on physical education. We associate this with dynamics, movement and variety, and are therefore mentally far away from anything static. Exactly these associations are fulfilled by the "Sportforum Mals" in the true sense of the word and also figuratively.


With its varied program of events lasting several days, the "Sportforum Mals" has become a hub for physical education: On the one hand, it puts the focus on the manifold tasks of sports teachers and coaches. On the other hand, the event is designed to be a vibrant place of encounter and movement itself, where networking and exchange are writ large.


Even author Erich Kästner - himself a sports fan and movement aficionado, i.e. a sportsman - knew: "Mankind shall learn, only the oxen swot." He opposed the monotonous learning in school lessons of the past with further competencies: "After all, you also have to be able to jump, do gymnastics, dance and sing." Knowledge that is sufficiently scientifically supported: that movement and sport develop skills that are prerequisites for cognitive learning and beyond. Especially in physical education, social skills such as team spirit, fairness, responsibility and consideration, but also the integration of weaker children and perseverance are promoted and strengthened.


In this sense, the "Sportforum Mals" with its diverse program of events and its prominent speakers should once again to all participants be a source of inspiration for contemporary and varied physical education. And I am convinced that the experiences and insights that sports teachers gain at the "Sportforum Mals" will have a consistently positive effect on physical education in our schools, but especially on the children and young people.


My thanks go to all those who have contributed to the successful outcome of the Sports Forum again this year and make this valuable continuing education initiative possible. I wish everyone some instructive and "moving" course days with many new insights.


Philipp Achammer

Provincial Counsellor

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